Johnny  is an established commercial photographer.
He has worked for over a decade, shooting corporate and editorial assignments involving wildlife and industrial subjects,
portraits and interiors, products and events.
His intimate knowledge of lighting and composition, as well as his cutting-edge post-production techniques, allow him to catch the essence of the moment. Johnny’s photographs often appear in publications and sosial medias as facebook and youtube, although you can also order a professional session for yourself or any special event.
Johnny is very flexible, and he always responds to clients’ wishes and meets their requirements, always with exquisite artistry.

New news is drone photographing and can be done almost everywere.
Johnny is also member of SRD, Swedish Resque Drones.
That means that he can search for missing people, animals and other from the air with help of the drones. 

You are Welcome to use hes pictures to share them and use them commercial after a purcase.
There is no limit for use after a purcase!!!
Prices is high for company, news paper and commersial use, but cheap for private.
So if you have any idee's on photographing something dont hastitate to contact Johnny

Email: johnnycheva@yahoo.se
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/yanoosmusic

Johnny Photographer

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